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COACHING AGREEMENT This agreement is between Caroline Vencil (The Coach) and YOU (The Client) for the purposes of outlining the terms and conditions for coaching with Caroline Vencil.

I. Indemnity:

By engaging The Coach, The Client represents him or herself as a competent, effective individual who is fully able to make his/her own personal and business decisions and choices, including decisions and choices The Client may make as a result of this coaching process. The Client represents him or herself or her company as being able to operate fully, freely, and responsibly for all of The Client’s personal and business decisions and actions.

By confirming this agreement, The Client agrees that any actions she or her company takes as a result of The Coach’s input, coaching, speaking, training or development are The Client’s actions and The Client’s actions alone. The Client alone is responsible completely and fully for the outcomes, results and any liabilities that arise from taking those actions. The Client waives all claims that may arise against The Coach arising out of or with respect to any claims or lawsuits against The Client. This includes any and all liabilities or damages incurred by The Client related to any actions The Client takes or decisions The Client makes as a result of The Coach’s input, coaching, speaking, training, or development. The Client understands that this work is considered Coaching and not Counseling, Psychology or Psychiatry Services. This work is not medical in nature and is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease.

II. Copyright and Ownership:

The Client understands that all material presented in the coaching process are copyrighted or licensed by The Coach. The Client promises that any notes The Client takes will be for the Client’s personal and professional use only. The Client will not resell any of the coaching distinctions and material without the prior written consent of The Coach.

Furthermore, The Client will not attempt to coach other individuals by using the principles and methodologies employed in the coaching relationship without the prior consent of The Coach.

III. Confidentiality:

The Coach agrees to treat the Coach/Client relationship as confidential. The Coach agrees to gain consent from the Client before using anything from the relationship as a testimonial. Unless agreed upon by the Client, all information exchanged is considered confidential. Screenshots of testimonials and/or celebrations from chat may be used confidentially at the discretion of The Coach by not sharing The Client’s face, name, username, et. al. associated with The Client personally.

IV. Refunds:

The Coach does not offer refunds. All payments are final. All monthly payments must be made to maintain The Client’s access to the coaching.

V. Payments:

If The Client fails to make a payment by the date due, The Client understands that her work with The Coach will cease until late payment is made in full. If payment is not made within 7 days, The Coach has the right to terminate the coaching agreement.

If The Client fails to pay, the client will be removed from all digital courses associated with the coaching program. The Client understands that her payments are as clearly stated in the invoice a month and are due 30 days from the original sign-up date, and then 60-days from the sign-up date and will be drafted by The Coach via Stripe.

VI. Coaching Sessions:

The Coach will provide the client with sessions over the next 90 days in Voxer chat. The Coach will be present in the chat Monday – Friday at her discretion. No personal chats may occur inside of this Coaching Package, and personal messages will be ignored. The Client agrees to maintain the boundaries of The Coach with availability.

VII. Correspondence:

The Client understands that it is her responsibility to instigate chats with The Coach. It is the full responsibility of The Client to ask questions, ask for feedback, or engage within the group in any way within Voxer. The Coach agrees to provide feedback and guidance that she deems fit for each situation posed by The Client. Communication from The Coach will take place Monday – Friday. The Client may ask questions on Saturday and Sunday and outside of normal business hours. Questions asked by The Client on weekends will be answered during business hours during the week.

VIII. Counterparts:

This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, and electronic or typed signatures will be binding just as originals. By checking the “I agree to the terms & conditions” box, this will be binding as a signature.
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