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Your step-by-step guide to turning your blog into a money maker
Right now you’re desperate to have MORE MONEY coming in from your blog, BUT…

You’re EXHAUSTED and just DONE with buying more and more courses that “are going to be the gamechanger you’ve been looking for… only to have them sit in your course folder collecting digital dust – untouched, unused, and unhelpful.

Your STRESS LEVELS GO THROUGH THE ROOF when you realize that you’re spending more than you’re making and your family and friends start wondering if you’re getting into trouble.

You feel completely OVERWHELMED with too many strategies and conflicting things that the pros are saying is “the key to success” out there and are DESPERATE to make things simpler.

Then you find yourself wondering... 

“Am I the only one who can’t figure this out?” 

“Will I ever make this work for me?” 

“Is it even possible for me to turn this blog into a money maker… without selling a freaking organ?!”

Creating and maintaining a profitable blog takes work. And – let’s get real here – there’s not a class on blogging that you could take in college… you’re kinda on your own out there.
But there's an EASIER way to create a blog and business that will help you ACTUALLY reach your blogging goals...
After being a blogger since 2015, I’ve developed a complete system that allows you to take back control of your blog, make growing your monthly income a reality instead of a daydream, and start doing it all without going into debt, selling a kidney, or spending 50+ hours a week working.
Your blog shouldn’t be just a drain on your time, energy, and – ok, I'll say it – money.

It should be ADDING to your bank account, respecting your time, and – YEAH! – being fun in the process!

Listen, I know a lot of people will tell you that you CAN’T make money blogging… so don’t bother trying (or instead “go into coaching,” “become an influencer on 1 social platform,” or that “you can ONLY make money blogging about blogging”…).


Blogging CAN be profitable, and it CAN open doors to you that you never thought were possible.

Working on the RIGHT THINGS in blogging instead of the day-to-day time-wasting tasks can be the difference between a blog that ruins your life, relationships, and wreaks havoc on your finances… and one that pays your bills, sends you to TV gigs, gets you a book deal, gets 5-figure sponsorships, or whatever you want in your life.

It’s the difference between wishing you could quit your job that you hate and actually retiring early or retiring your spouse early.

It can be the difference between wishing you could send your kids to a better school and spend more time with them, to being able to send them to that private school and still having time at the end of the day and week to spend with them (no laptop involved).

It’s the difference between having to freak out about your money because you bought another massively expensive course but still haven’t made any money because the course you got was all fluff, and knowing that you can spend LESS money on nonsense because you already have a solid foundation and know that when you do need to learn a new skill, you’ll have more than enough to pay for it (plus covering the bills AND still having some leftover).

It’s the difference between spending 50+ hour weeks working nights, weekends, and ignoring your family, friends, and other relationships, and knowing that you can work COMFORTABLY for 20+ hours a week and get everything that you need to get done during work hours… DONE. (No more nights and weekends and “I can’t come to your baseball game because I need to work” again!)


And the best part is, you’ll be setting your future self up for success in blogging so that your blog making money is never again a stress in your life!

The Blogger to Boss Academy is a course + coaching support membership bundle that teaches you the *specific* steps to master what your blog is going to do to change the world, create a plan for how you can make more money while helping people along the way, and finally turn your blog into something that pays the bills AND makes you feel connected to the people that you’re helping at the same time.


Create CLEAR goals for your blog & business that will finally feel attainable. 

Create a blog that is unique to you… plus it’s one you’ll ACTUALLY be able to know is serving people. 

CREATE a blogging schedule and weekly plan so that you can stop wasting time on busy-work and automate it FAST

PLAN your weeks, months, and even year in advance so that you never have to scramble around to make money 

BUILD your blog into a business so that you’re not stressed by any changes in Pinterest’s algorithm because you know that you’ll still be earning. 

Find ways to work LESS so that you can spend MORE time doing what matters and spending time with the people who matter and LESS time stressing that you’re falling behind for not working 16 hour days. 

Find your big goals that felt so far away and unattainable and discover the steps you need to take to make them into a reality… plus, have the time to do it! 

Discover how to STAY MOTIVATED when slow seasons occur and what you can do durning those times to come back stronger and more profitable than ever!


Head what members have to say...
Ally D.

"Caroline is the best mentor a blogger who wants-to-be-a-business can be! She's approachable, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable. I'm blessed to have found her. Highly recommend."     

Allison B.

"I am so thankful to know Caroline! She's helped me so much with everything from a tripwire for my blog, growing my list, balancing my personal life and my blog, designing graphics, making sales pages, and soooooo much more."  

Jen S.

"There isn't just one thing I've learned from Caroline, it's everything that upleveled my business from a hobby to a full-time income. Everything that I needed to know about how to making blogging work as a mom comes from her."  

The Blogger to Boss Academy is a multi-course + coaching hybrid membership that teaches you exactly how to create a profitable blog so that you can make your blogging dreams a reality…

EVEN IF you have a herd of kids and limited time. 

EVEN IF you don’t make a fortune. 

EVEN IF you have STRUGGLED to figure this out in the past. 

EVEN IF you’ve tried “figuring it out yourself” a million times but always throw in the towel because something always comes up and throws you off course.

Lemme ask you something...
When was the last time you felt IN CONTROL of your blogging?

The steps I teach in the Blogger to Boss Academy help you get your blog and business finances in order WITHOUT sacrificing your energy, money, and time.


SICK of listening to 800 different people for advice that points in 800 different directions leaving you feeling exhausted, burned out, and like you’ve just wasted your time…

TIRED of getting to the end of each month realizing that you didn’t make as much as you wanted (or maybe didn’t even make anything)...

… and DESPERATE to find a process that will finally make you money without selling a kidney, working nights and weekends, or try to fit into a niche that you don’t even care about…

… then the Blogger to Boss Academy is perfect for you!
Jennifer K.
"Since implementing what I've learned from some of the courses (Product Boss Masterclass is my personal favorite!) I finally feel like I'm on the right path to building the business I want to have. It feels awesome!"
Anna S. 
"I love every part of The Blogger to Boss Academy! I saw an increase in income and I feel more confident because I have so many templates that help me save time and build my blog into a freakin BUSINESS. This transformation is WILD and I'm so excited to see how much more I can grow with this group!"
Sylvia L.
"I was still getting started in my blog and business and wasn’t sure if The Blogger to Boss Academy was for me. Now that I joined, I feel more comfortable knowing the direction that my whole business should go. Before I was completely clueless. My favorite parts are the tripwire trainings and binge-watching/ listening to the video vault videos when I need a pick-me-up. Thank you, Caroline!

Getting your blog to a place where it’s profitable is HARD.

If you want these kinds of results, it won’t happen from “trying to figure it all out” on your own. “Trying to figure it all out” ONLY leads to more stress, confusion, and wasted time, energy, and money.


The Blogger to Boss Academy is designed for bloggers who want to change the way they run their blogs so that they can make more money and have more freedom in their lives.

This program has worked for MANY different blog niches, including:

Travel bloggers 

Recipe bloggers 


Personal finance bloggers 

 Moms of multiples bloggers 

Keto cooking pros 

Homeschooling moms 



Trim Healthy Mom recipes 

Horseback riding enthusiasts 

DIY bloggers 




Empty next bloggers 

Self-care bloggers 

And many, many more!

Our students include:

Busy moms blogging in 15-minute chunks each day

New bloggers not sure where to start

Intermediate bloggers looking for a change

Advanced bloggers looking to earn more 

Women who have a 9-5 and want a side hustle

Women who have a job and want to replace it with their blogging income

Women who feel like they have no time


But, even MORE importantly, you’ll have PEACE OF MIND because you'll have complete control over your time, blog, and income.
Wanna know what peace of mind can look like in blogging?

… knowing that if you needed emergency surgery and needed to be away from the computer for more than a week while you recover, your blog is STILL bringing you money while you’re laid up in bed focusing on healing rather than focusing on needing to check an item off your to-do list.

… being able to say “YES” to movie night or just spending time with your family without feeling like you should be working, and knowing that you get to control your time… not the other way around.

… seeing your numbers – subscribers, followers, and income – go up each month and knowing that you get to help people while you grow and grow and grow.

… and realizing that you get to set your own rules and schedule while still making way more money than you are now.

The Blogger to Boss Academy is an all-in-one system where you’ll learn:

How to MASTER your perfect person and what you’re blog is about, how it helps, AND how it will serve your community while making money

How to FOCUS your time on the right things to help you to stay on track with your time (even if you get off track, you'll know how to find your way back.)

 How to GROW and diversify your blog and business earnings.

How to EARN MORE from the content that you’ve already created WITHOUT having to constantly come up with new things.

 How to turn your blogging DREAMS into your REALITY.

 How to finally feel SECURE in how much your blog earns, how it runs, and how your life can look

That's what you get inside The Blogger to Boss Academy


Just because you have the most blogging courses or spend the most time in Facebook groups DOESN’T mean you have a money-making blog. Just trying to “buy another course and THEN I’ll make more” is NOT a strategy that will help you grow your blog.

That’s a recipe for burnout (plus… a big ol’ YIKES to your finances, too).

My students have gone from $0 to $10,000 months, created life-changing courses that have helped their own students AND made them money, and stopped wasting their precious time on busy work instead of growing their blogs…


They joined because they were TRIED of doing this alone and they ended up digging themselves DEEPER into stress, debt, and losing hope that they can make their blogs successful.

They were STRESSED every single day which led to frustration and wanting to give up because they DIDN’T have a step-by-step system to follow.

Right now you have two choices...


Continue hopping on and off the blogging rollercoaster and beat yourself up every time you don’t make $10,000 per month or you get caught up in your day doing busy work and then realize that you didn’t even do anything to show for your time at the end of the day…


  CHOICE #2:

Implement the exact steps that have worked for myself and HUNDREDS of others...and FINALLY learn how to create a money-making blog without sacrificing your time.

The Blogger to Boss Academy includes proven strategies that have allowed me and hundreds of my students to FINALLY learn how to create a money-making blog (without sacrificing your time).

"Can I just say how friggin awesome that video was. Thank you so much my head is BOUNCING with ideas! (now I just have to take the ACTION)"

Kathryn A.
"I can't believe how lucky I am to have found this group and be part of this awesomeness. Thank you, it feels a bit like Christmas."
Jane L.
"I won't lie, at first, I didn't think I needed any help. I thought I could do it on my own. I tried and only got more and more frustrated. It's only been a week and I’m so glad I got it! It has saved me so much time and frustration and I finally feel SO much more confident with my blog and business. I highly recommend anything that Caroline teaches but especially the Blogger to Boss Academy to anyone who may be feeling stuck or just not sure what to do next in their business."
Julia B. 



You have to start somewhere! The Blogger to Boss Academy Success Path gives you that starting point. 

You’ll get access to step-by-step lessons that will help you determine where you are on your blogging journey and, no matter where you are on that journey – brand new, wanting to hone your skills, wanting to start over again, rebranding, etc. – you’ll find the steps you need to take with videos, workbooks, and other training materials to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. 

From there, you’ll be able to walk through an easy-to-follow process to make actual progress without the fluff.

These lessons give you the action steps you need to walk away feeling like you did something that will help you move the needle when it comes to your blog and your income.

Every journey is unique. The Blogger to Boss Academy Success Path will help you determine where you need to start so that you can take action today.

  • A clear path for you to follow to help you reach your blogging goals. 
  • Step-by-step lessons with clear instructions, videos, and printables so that you can take action and see results. 
  •  Set a goal for your blog and find the steps you need to take to make that happen. 
  • Learn how to truly change the way you view your blog so that you can build a long-lasting and profitable business that will help you sleep easier at night

Expert Interviews & Trainings in the Video Vault:

Have you ever spent several hours scouring Google or Facebook groups for answers only to find that you’ve wasted your most valuable asset – your time – and end up having nothing to show for it?

Yeah, me too! Listen up... 


With EXCLUSIVE expert interviews that answer all your blogging and business questions, you’ll never need to waste your limited and precious time searching for the answers by yourself.

Instead, you’ll get access to exactly what you need to know about blogging, sales, marketing, emailing, and more all in one place. Plus, you’ll have a plan to implement what you’ve learned.

  • An entire library of lessons that cover a wide variety of topics such as how to write better blog posts, time management, creating products, how to host or participate in a summit, growing your email list, learning copywriting, Amazon self-publishing, and more that you won’t want to miss. 
  •  Printables and action plans for you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your life right away. 
  • PLUS lessons added every month!

Text and/or Video Coaching and Support:

There’s nothing worse than getting into a course that you just bought and realizing that you have questions, but the creator doesn’t offer any kind of support or charges $3,000+ for a coaching


That’s not what you get inside the Blogger to Boss Academy.

The best part about the Academy is that you’re never on your own to figure out an answer. Included in your package, you get unlimited written and video coaching and support. If you have a question about what’s inside of a lesson, need clarification, or just wanted to ask a question, you can do that exclusively inside of the group.

Instead of wasting your time asking on Facebook or Googling for hours, you’ll get direct access to get your questions answered by me (not my team ;) ).

There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask each month, so ask away and know that you’re supported and that your question will get either a text or video reply for the other students to benefit from as well (you can also ask anonymously and get a reply).

You’re not alone in this – I’m here to help you every step of the way when you need it.

  • An entire library of lessons that cover a wide variety of topics such as how to write better blog posts, time management, creating products, how to host or participate in a summit, growing your email list, learning copywriting, Amazon self-publishing, and more that you won’t want to miss. 

  •  Printables and action plans for you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your life right away. 

  • PLUS lessons added every month!

6 Foundational Courses, including: 

  • Transform Your Audience ($97 value)
  • Video Boost ($37 value)
  • Social Media Blitz ($37 value)
  • Sponsored Post Jumpstart ($37 value)
  • Money Making Product Toolkit ($97 value)
  • Email Blitz ($97 value)


Wanna know what it REALLY takes to work 20 hours a week? I dive into all of my biggest time-saving secrets here and how you can do them for yourself as well. This is the exact process and method that I've used for years and still use today to stay focused, stay on task, and only focus on the things that will move the blog forward.

  • 4 video trainings and insturctions
  • 1 PDF Workbook
  • & all of my time management tips for busy moms working with limited time.

MONEY MAKERS MAGIC (a $97 value)

Wanna know how you can make more money with affiliates? No, not just throwing links at your people on Facebook that no one sees. But REALLY helping your people AND making more money? 

Good news! Money Makers Magic is here to give you tons and tons of ideas on how to use affiliates to make more from your niche... no matter what it is, you'll be inspired to use your affiliates even better than you could before.

  • 2 video trainings and instructions
  • 1 PDF Workbook
  • 1 Google Doc to organize the videos
  • & tons of ideas for your niche... even if it didn't get covered in the video

Affiliate Magic (a $97 value)

Wish you were making more money from being an affiliate? Then this is the course you need!

Learn the best tips and tricks that have worked for me and HUNDREDS of other students to make more money as an affiliate.

  • 3 (and counting!) video trainings on how to increase your affiliate earnings
  • Workbooks and guides to help you track your progress
  • & more!


$300 in 30 Days Kickstart (a $47 value)

Need to jumpstart your blog earnings? This ultra-actionable guide is designed to help you to see the opportunities for earning more that you may have been overlooking in your blog.

(Oh, and $300 is just the beginning... if you want to aim for way more than that, these strategies will still help you!)

Easy Email Bundle (a $97 value)

If you feel like email isn't working for you, then these are the 2 easiest fixes to get more opens, more clicks, and more sales.

This 2 course bundle of 100 Email Subject Lines and The Power of the PS is the best easy win for emails that you can find. If you don't know how to sell to your people, these easy-to-use PS templates are proven to get you more clicks. AND you get 100 of my best email subject lines, too!

100 BEST Affiliate Programs to Join for Almost Every Niche (a $27 value)

Feel like there's no affiliates for your niche? Think again!

Inside this guide, you'll find more than 100 affiliate programs that you can join for almost every niche out there. Even if you feel like your niche is "hard to monetize," you'll find programs to join here that will help you make more money from every blog post.

From Idea to Money Maker (a $97 value)

Think it takes too long to create a product? Think again!

In this video series, my friend Tracy and I share our product brainstorming process for different niches and then create digital products and freebies for those different niches. 

This is the PERFECT insider look into what it takes to create a product fast and easy!

  • 5 videos on product funnel brainstorming
  • 2 templates for designing your own products
  • 1 sales page creation training

Product Boss Masterclass (a $97 value)

Not sure what you could make as a product? Need to know the whole process from beginning to end? That's what you get inside!

This is a video training that details the entire process of creating a PDF product easily, connecting it to your sales page, and selling it to your list. 

*NOTE: This course is also currently getting an update and is also going to be adding different processors and product options. (Aka: this course is getting even MORE awesome! And you get it when you join!)

Note: All of your courses and bonsues will be unlocked for you immediately. However, I do recommend starting from the Pre-work in your Core Lessons first.

Look… You already know what you’re doing right now isn’t working… so what are you going to do about it?


A CLEAR path to follow to grow your blog and earn more

A PLAN that you can stick to that isn’t burning you out and overwhelming you

 More CONTROL over your time, energy, and content creation

WAY less stress in your life…

... and WAY more money, too!

Choose your plan now & start making your blog into a money maker today!
  • So is this a course or is it a monthly group?
    This is a monthly group that is partnered with a course platform that is there to help supplement your learning from the group. Everything is organized inside of the member area. You can work through those at your own pace, getting the support and guidance you need from the group as you go along.

    You will also get access to some exclusive members-only courses and trainings when you join. :)

    Sound overwhelming? Don't freak out, because I have our very own "road map" – The Blogger to Boss Academy Method – to help you walk through everything with ease!

    So really, it's the best of both worlds: You get an epic course on email growth, product creation, marketing, selling, and more.
  • I really don't have a lot of time every day right now. Is this group still for me?
    YES. This is designed to be a self-paced course + support hybrid. You can spend 5 hours a day flipping through videos, trainings, lessons, courses, etc.... OR you can send your questions every single day... OR you can use the 5 minutes on a random Thursday that you do have to yourself and send me your questions and I'll answer them in either a text reply or a video reply to help the whole group :)

    This is YOUR blog and business support container. Everything you need is in 1 place. All you need to do is ask your questions or just raise your hand. I'm here to be your Blogging Sherpa. :)
  • What level blogger/business owner is it for?
    Giiiiirl. I want this to be for everyone. I do! But just to make sure that everyone is getting the help that they need, I'm going to say that you need to have SOME experience.

    *SOME* work on WordPress, on growing your email list, on working with Canva, on knowing your topic, and on social media of some kind in order to get the most out of the group. You don't need to be a pro (that's what we're working towards), but having some general internet-ing knowledge is necessary.

    We're not going to be talking about the difference between a blog post and a page here. We're going to be talking about learning about your people and making strategies for selling that feels GOOD to you. We're going to be talking about batching content that is perfect for your readers. We're going to be talking about email strategies that make your life easier.
  • So is this personalized, 1:1 coaching?
    No, this is not 1:1 coaching. While I would love to help every single person in the whole world individually with their blogs, I just can't. BUT... the next best thing that we can offer is a group for bloggers just like you – who don't really want to (or can't!) dish out $3,000 a month for a blog coach, but still need the help from a pro.

    BUT! Every week, there is an option to get your questions answered in our coaching calls LIVE. So if you have a question that you want to get answered, ask away! I always say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease... so feel free to ask as many questions as you want. :)
  • Do you offer refunds? Can I cancel at any time?
    You can absolutely cancel at any time using the directions in the Hub. This isn't a gym where you're locked in forever and ever ;) You must submit your cancelation 3 days in advance to the next billing cycle.

    Although, when you cancel, you'll forfeit your current price lock-in. You can join again later on if it feels like the right fit for you, but you'll do so at the new price.

    As for refunds, we do not provide refunds on memberships. If you decide that you've completed your time in the group or wish to not renew, you can cancel your subscription and then maintain access to the group, the courses, the membership hub, etc. for the remainder of your paid membership.
How it will work when you join...

YAY! YOU'RE IN!!! *throws confetti!*

Everything you need will be sent to your email and will show up on your invoice page right after you join. 

 Login to the Members' Area and check out all of the MANY courses that you get instantly when you sign up!

 Get your step-by-step start-up guide (sent in your welcome email).

 Ask ALLLLL of your questions in the course directly and get them answered right there either by text or by a video reply. 

Start by going through the Core Lessons to help you set up your blog and whole business for success (for sure do NOT skip this part – it's crucial that you go through these lessons before working on anything else on your blog.)

Set aside some time each day to go through the courses that you need the most help with. (Personally, I'd go through Email Blitz and the Money Making Product Toolkit first, and then add in your social media strategy, etc.) 

 And the biggest thing you need to do... take action on what you learn! Write that welcome sequence that you've been putting off, add more affiliate links to your blog posts, schedule time each week to write emails, show up more regularly on social media (promise... this is easier than you think), learn how to sell to your audience in a way that feels good to you, and build a connection with your audience. 

You're one step closer to having a blog that makes you money every day... while working on your own time!
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DISCLAIMER: Joining this mentorship group MAY result in feeling awesome, making more money than your hubby, and having your dreams come true. You may wake up every day excited to work and thrilled to help more people. This may also result in growing your wildest dreams to have a new meaning that is part of the next level for your business.

BUT... I can't make any promises on the kinds of results that you can have. Why? Because it all depends on you – you get out of it what you put into it. If you're coming in and ready to give it your all, then the sky's the limit to what you can do. But because all I can do is coach and the rest is up to you, we can't make any promises or guarantees with the income that could/would be generated from your blog/business.

Results may vary based on how much or how little you want it.

According to the attorney, I need to make sure we always say this very clearly: I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this website may not be typical for all students. Results are dependent upon the customer.

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: I know that you are absolutely going to LOVE this group. But if you decide it's not a good fit or if you don't have the time to commit to doing the work, then there are no hard feelings! I’ll always be cheering you on. :)

Because of the nature of memberships, I do NOT offer any refunds. But you can feel free to cancel your subscription 3 days before renewal for the next pay period. No refunds will be given. You are absolutely free to stay in the group and the courses for the duration of the payment period after you rcancelation.

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EXPULSION FROM THE GROUP: We – Caroline & Team CV – reserve the right to remove you from the group at any time. This will result in a cancelation of your membership and forfeiting your price lock-in. This removal is at the discretion of the admins.

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This was THE best money I've ever spent. This set me up to make more from my blog than I had ever done before!

Jessy L.
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