Before you book, make sure that you check the calendar for availability (all times are EST) 

What's included in your Day of Voxer...
You get access to me for a whole day on Voxer (a walkie talkie app on your phone). 

 Let me be your business coach for a day. I'll get you out of that funk and show you how to be more productive in your business with my easy-to-follow strategies! 

Days run 9am - 5pm ET. You’ll get at least a few hours, no matter where you live. 

We can chat about anything in your blog & business! Content ideas, launches, emails, boundaries, time management, pricing, shady ish in businesses, & more. 

Both voice and text messages are fine. I’ll try to be as responsive as possible, & we may be able to do a little back-and-forth, but this isn't like an all-day Zoom call. It's like popping in whenever you have a question. :)

Pick the day that works for you and get ALL those questions answered :)
What can we talk about during your Day of Voxer...
Picking a niche and brainstorming content

️  What kind of freebie/ lead magnet you should make

 Canva design questions

️  Product name brainstorm ideas

Tripwire ideas 

 Email strategy session (sequences, broadcasts, automation, tagging etc.) 

Planning your content

️ Affiliate strategy planning

️ Introduction to launch planning strategies

️ Video creation batching and planning support

 Product creation brainstorming

️ Creating a Shopify shop for your products

️ Email marketing (without feeling icky)

️  Salespage design help

️ Marketing strategy planning session

️ Copywriting brainstorming & support

️  Introduction to funnel building

️  Social media content planning 

️ Help crafting your 5 hour work day

️ General kick-in-the-pants help ;) 

️ and more!
Pick from 1 of 2 packages: 

Voxer Only: This is the Full Day of Voxer. I'll send you a Vox first thing in the morning and we'll be off. 

Voxer PLUS: This includes a Full Day Of Voxer, but also includes a 1 hour follow up Zoom call at a later date for any follow-up questions you may have as well. This is especially helpful if you're an action taker and know that you'll likely have more questions later as well so that you don't need to buy another full session package.

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I agree that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE package. If you need to reschedule, please give 24 hours notice in advance. If I need to reschedule, I will give 24 hours notice in advance.

AND I am READY to make massive change and get serious with my business! :)
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    1 Day Coaching Voxer Support $400.00
  • Preferred option
    Voxer PLUS (Voxer + 1 hour Zoom follow-up call)$700.00

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What times are you available? When can I schedule my Day of Voxer? 

When you sign up, there will be a link to my calendar for you to choose an available day that fits your schedule. 

I've never used Voxer – is it hard to use? 

Nope! SUPER easy. If you've ever used Marco Polo or even voice text on your phone, it's just like that. We'll chat at your convenience throughout the day and I'll answer all of your questions that you need. :) 

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. But if you need to reschedule, all you need to do it let me know 24 hours in advance and I'll get you the link to reschedule. 

"This was the day my blog went from a hobby to a real business to me. I got so many ideas from this one day. I had no clue that I could even do half the things Caroline told me, but she made it so simple to do. I especially loved that she gave me action steps to take when our call time ended. I joined her group coaching after this because it was so helpful. Just thank you!!!"

Sandra R.
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